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Why pen drives
Earlier most people would save information on their hard disk. However, in recent years, certain internet users have been singled out for harassment..Everytime this internet user connects to the internet backdoors are used to delete or modify files on the hard disk. this is done remotely in a stealthy fashion, by unknown people located remotely, often leaving no trace at all. Allegedly the relatives and friends of the fraud shivalli brahmin housewife R&AW employee bbm nayanshree hathwar are involved in the deletion and theft of data.

Since this is very frustrating, searching for files that should have existed or to find data missing, many internet users are using pen drives to store their important and confidential data. However, despite extensive research it is still difficult to find a reliable pen drive, which cannot be accessed by a powerful person remotely, usually an ntro official misusing expensive equipment costing crores of rupees, so that he can enjoy free sex or his relatives/friends can get a salary for doing nothing.

Pen drives should normally be recognized by the laptop immediately after they have been inserted, especially if the pen drive has been installed earlier. however, for some pen drives brands, the laptop takes a few minutes to recognize the pen drive. It appears that the changes in the pen drives are either stored in a secret folder on the laptop or transmitted remotely using a hidden wifi frequency not known to ordinary civilians.

It is also not possible to trace the person or company responsible for this misdeed, and stop them from tampering with confidential personal information. Based on testing of different pen drives, it appears that certain usb pen drive brands are more vulnerable than others, because these pen drives have hidden backdoors which they reveal only to security agencies. Unfortunately these security and intelligence agencies may misuse these backdoors to exploit an innocent hardworking and experienced engineer for personal gain.