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Data storage and backup options for webmasters, domain investors and computer users

One of the greatest advantages of using computers or other digital data electronics devices is that relatives less space will be needed to store a large amount of data and data can be easily searched. However unlike offline data storage methods like paper , the digital data can be easily stolen, manipulated, corrupted or deleted remotely by a person thousands of miles away in the same country or a different continent, and it is will be extremely difficult to trace the person or organization involved in data corruption or get compensation for the data theft, corruption.
The problem of data theft, corruption, manipulation and deletion has increased significantly in the last few years, especially after 2012, making it extremely difficult for targetted individuals to do any computing/calculation online. Small towns seem to be worst affected by the problem as the number of computer and internet users is relatively less, so officials can harass them specifically to cause damage. In metro cities, the officials are too busy with hundreds or thousands of computers in use, so harmless internet, computer users are usually not targetted.
while those who have not invested their time and money online can exit quickly without much losses, domain investors are the worst affected by the rampant corporate espionage as they cannot even file their income tax returns using the forms available. The officials take a sadistic pleasure in deleting, manipulating and corrupting data stored on the laptop and computer of the domain investor, Paypal account holder. So it is advisable to take regular backups of the important digital data on the laptop, desktop or computer.
Some of the options for taking a data backup are:
Online data backup
Pen drive
External Hard drive
Tape drive
Floppy drive

Each of these data backup options to hoard digital data has advantages and disadvantages. For online data backup, a fairly reliable and inexpensive internet connection will be needed. There is also the risk that the data stored online will not remain confidential, it will be stolen as hackers can hack the account and leak the information. The recent scandal when confidential and revealing photos of various celebrities were accessed by hackers and leaked, is an indication of the problem that could occur.
Data storage offline on pen drives and external hard drives is an option, however most pen drives are easily corrupted by ntro/nsa officials who have sophisticated equipment, software at their disposal in the last few years. In some cases, the data is corrupted and cannot be read, in other cases, the pen drive has to be formatted, and in the worst case, the pen drive will not be recognized by the computer. High radiation levels are also responsible for the corruption of data stored on pen drives and external hard drives. Looking for information and details of reliable, affordable data storage and backup devices which can be used in the most hostile environmental conditions

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